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Hospice Services

What are St. Rose Hospice Services?

Hundreds of years ago, the hospice concept was rooted in the idea of offering shelter and rest for weary and sick travelers. Today, hospice care is a means of providing compassionate care for people in the last stages of incurable disease so they can live as wholly and comfortably as possible.

St. Rose hospice services combine true compassion with the best in medical care for patients and their families ... in the comfort and familiarity of the patient’s home.

Hospice is a philosophy of care that recognizes death as the final stage of life ... and St. Rose hospice services help patients manage both symptoms and pain so their last days are spent with quality and dignity. Hospice services affirm life; they do not hasten or postpone death. St. Rose treats the patient rather than the disease and highlights the quality of life rather than its length.

Each St. Rose hospice patient has an interdisciplinary health care team at their disposal that includes doctors, nurses, support and spiritual counselors, home health aides, bereavement coordinators and trained volunteers who provide exceptional care aimed at relieving symptoms while addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient, their families and caregivers.

Physician - Patients designate an attending physician or primary care physician who will help manage their care.

Hospice Medical Director - Oversees treatment by the hospice team along with the attending physician and is always available for consultation.

Nurse - Each patient and family is assigned a nurse who coordinates the patient's plan of care, monitors and manages pain and symptoms, and educates the family on what to expect and how they can help.

Support Counselor - Medical social workers offer emotional support to patients and families and serve as liaisons to community resources.

Spiritual Counselor - Provides spiritual support to patients and families, helps with spiritual concerns and assists with community faith referrals.

Home Health Aides - Assist patients with personal care such as bathing and shaving as well as performing light housekeeping services.

Volunteers - Trained hospice volunteers provide a wide range of services to both patients and families.

Pharmacists - Provide support by ensuring appropriate monitoring, supervision and timeliness of pharmacy services.

Bereavement Coordinators - Support and counsel the patient, their families and caregivers through the advanced disease stages and end-of-life process by helping them understand the feelings associated with the grieving process and providing support services following death.

Complementary Therapies - Nurture the patient by using various forms of therapy including dietary, physical, occupational or speech as well as supportive types of therapy such as meditation, massage therapy and relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Your care at St. Rose Hospice Services can be paid for through private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or by other methods. Our staff can provide information regarding costs upon admission to hospice care and will assist in determining your individual coverage. 

Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican is proud to offer Hospice Services without regard to race, national original, religious beliefs, handicap, sex or age.

For more information, please call 702.616.4397 or visit us at 1776 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite 202, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Questions or Concerns? The State of Nevada Division of Health maintains a telephone hotline to answer any questions or concerns you may have about hospice care. Call toll free, 1.800.225.3414.

(Updated 9/30/13).

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