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Inpatient Laboratory Services

Inpatient Laboratory Services

Diagnostic tests are the most essential elements of accurate diagnosis and treatment. As such, almost 80 percent of every patient's chart is laboratory results.

St. Rose's laboratories are comprised of seven specialties. Each section is staffed by highly trained individuals dedicated to excellence in laboratory services.


The seven specialties are:

Chemistry - Through the utilization of manual and automated methods, over 100 tests are measured in blood, urine and fluids. Patients receive these tests if they have diabetes or renal failure and before and after surgery.

Hematology - Tests in this highly computerized area include testing on whole blood, plasma, body fluids and urine. Almost all patients receive these tests.

Transfusion Service (Blood Bank) - Patients who have experienced trauma, are preparing for surgery or are suffering from a variety of cancers or anemias are served by this area. Tests include blood typing, antibody screens and cross matches for donor/recipient compatibility.

Microbiology - Medical technologists in this very manual area test blood, urine, spinal fluid, body fluids, stools and sputum (mucous or saliva) specimens. Patients with infections and wounds that are slow to heal receive these tests.

Anatomic Pathology - The tests in this area are done on tissue specimens procured during surgery or autopsy.

Support Services - This section of the laboratory is staffed by laboratory assistants (phlebotomists) who are responsible for specimen collection, answering phones, accessing the tests in the computer, reporting the results to the physicians and ordering and reporting of any tests sent to an outside reference lab.

LIS (Lab Information System) - The staff in this work group assure that the lab instruments communicate correctly with the lab computer systems and that the data flows to the hospital's information system.

St. Rose's laboratories are continuously accredited by the Commission on Laboratory Accreditation of the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Their key indicators are: safety of specimens and workplace, quality control records, education and key qualifications of the staff, adequacy of facilities and equipment and management of structure and effectiveness.

For more information, please call the Rose de Lima Campus at 702.616.4566, the Siena Campus at 702.616.5566 or the San Martín Campus at 702.492.8166.




(Updated 6/14/13).

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